Tuesday, June 26, 2007

DUN Dun (The Sound of Law & Order), Pt. 3

Once upon a time (June 3), a little girl (Paris Hilton) surrendered to authorities to begin serving a minimum 23-day jail sentence, only to be “
reassigned” after three, sent back in hours later, and finally last night, released at long last (at long last for her, that is, natch).

And so the little girl, who is 26 frakkin’ years old, was set free – with certain conditions for the foreseeable future, I would imagine, but free nevertheless.

And so still, a question that has plagued the little girl for years remains: Who cares?

Considering what the media coverage surrounding her and her story has been, is, and will continue to be, it seems a lot of people do. Give this video two look-sees; once to see Hilton walk free, and once to read the news scroll at the bottom of the screen.

Perhaps the little girl should go to Iraq to shine some much-needed light and perspective there.

And perhaps, just perhaps, she will do something important with her power, now that she has admitted her “dumb” act is “
no longer cute.”

I’m keeping my fingers crossed…for that.

Photo: People.com.

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