Monday, June 18, 2007


I may not have gotten myHappy Ending,” after all – and that is quite alright – but I got something better: I got to see Mika perform his has-to-become-a-hit song of the same name last night, and that was just great.

The Londoner, who is as cute and fun and sexy and talented as can be, finally hit the smallish Studio A in Miami stage at 11 p.m. – a full three hours later than billed (after a lengthy sound check and an opening act) – but the second he did I knew the wait had been well worth it.

I had a blast and half.

He sounded so good, and unlike other performers, he went above and beyond the call of up-and-coming-artist duty to connect with his audience.

His splendid one-hour show was tight and vibrant, as were his bright green American Apparel briefs.

Get your mind off the gutter – I wish. You could see them because he was jumpin’, jumpin’.

The highlights of the night, for me, were the aforementioned “Happy Ending,” “My Interpretation,” and his bona fide hit “Grace Kelly,” natch.

Concerts like this one are filled with energy, and Mika had a full supply of it last night. It was everything I needed and wanted and so much more. I really hope he never changes and that he only gets better because he truly is an original.


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