Monday, January 17, 2011

Seen and Heard and Won Around the Globes

Before I get into how predictable last night’s Golden Globes were, at least in the film categories, can I just say I thought Ricky Gervais killed – and got away with it – as the show’s host.

The guy delivered searing joke after searing joke and eviscerated everyone in the audience right in front of them (ouch, The Tourist), just like mommas everywhere say you shouldn’t. It was fun. And no, he didn’t go too far, considering how much further he could’ve taken it...although I would sleep with one eye open for a bit (you just don’t mess with the Scientologists).

Anyway, when it came to the winners, there were few surprises (The Social Network, Colin, Natalie, Christian, Melissa, and Annette all walked away with a Globe, while Paul Giamatti kinda stunned everyone when he bested Johnny Depp and Jake Gyllenhaal in the Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical category for the little-seen Barney’s Version).

On the TV side, Glee scored Best Comedy (really, over Modern Family!), while Katey Sagal finally earned FX’s Sons of Anarchy some awards lovin’. And The Good Wife walked away empty-handed yet again, although Julianna Margulies gets top marks for looking so frakkin’ beyond in vintage Yves Saint Laurent. And how touching was Chris Colfer’s reaction upon hearing his name when he won Best Supporting Actor for Glee? Only slightly less so than his moving speech I say.

My Twitter feed has my blow-by-blow impressions of the show, so if you’re at all interested, get!

And now, for the fashion.

I thought the best dressed of the evening was Emma Stone, who just dazzled in an elegant and simple peach Calvin Klein Collection dress. Girlfriend was a little too tanned, but she looked beautiful.

Anne Hathaway looked like a million bucks in her Armani Privé, and Olivia Wilde ever the princess in a Marchesa gown.

Sandra Bullock looked pretty, but those new bangs are a bit much, and she looked like she had left her hair brush at Ryan Reynolds’. Oh no, I did! Calm down, even though the two have been spending time together lately, she maintains they are just friends, so there.

As for the men, Chris Hemsworth was the most swoon-worthy, end o’ story.


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