Friday, January 14, 2011

The Secret

It wouldn’t be the beginning of a new year if we didn’t have a feel-good indie to look forward to, right?

To fit the bill here comes Josh (TV’s How I Met Your Mother) Radnor’s Sundance-approved Happythankyoumoreplease.

The movie, which tells the story of a struggling writer (Radnor) and his circle of friends, all of whom seem to be on this gratitude-is-key-to-it-all bender, marks the actor’s screenwriting and directing debut and will begin hitting theaters on March 4.

I don’t know what it is, but I find the vibe of the whole thing tremendously appealing.

I think it’s the fact that the cast is mostly up-and-comers who aren’t yet plagued by the sort of trappings of fame that lands them on the pages of the weeklies, so they’re like, these blank slates waiting for us to color with appreciation.

I like that.

Check out the trailer and tell me I’m not onto something:

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