Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More, Robin. More!

I did it for “Magic,” I did it for “The Sweetest Love,” and now I’m doing it for “Dreamworld.”

I give you Robin Thicke’s latest video:

Btw and FYI: Thicke told The Miami Herald last fall that “Dreamworld,” a song in he talks about racism, “came about because my wife [actress Paula Patton] and I were talking about the situation she faces being an African-American woman in society and in Hollywood, and the opportunities and the playing fields not being leveled.

“In that conversation, we just started talking about what our dream world would be – that includes me and her walking in Mississippi without anybody looking at us.”

Well, it’s a gorgeous song, and guess who’s gonna look for you on tour with Jennifer Hudson this spring.

That’s right. Me.

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