Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nostalgia, Pt. 28

“I couldn’t have foreseen that her career would take the direction [that it did]. Not to diminish her [acting] ability, but she played a great Madonna.

“And it’s very difficult to play a great version of yourself [when you have little experience and all these marks to hit].”

That’s what director Susan Seidelman said about Madonna, one of her Desperately Seeking Susan stars, to those of us who gathered last night at the ArtCenter/SouthFlorida to hear her speak at a seminar sponsored by the Entertainment Industry Incubator as part of its Miami Filmmaker Project‏ Series.

It’s good to hear M’s ability on film celebrated from time to time, you know.

Now click here to watch Madonna performing “Into the Groove,” which played over the movie’s end credits, then and now.


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