Friday, April 20, 2012

Franco Pulls a Sevigny

James Franco is boldly going where not straight guy really would – for his art.

He’s going downtown.

As in down down there. On film...on a dude.

How very Chloë Sevigny of him (GTS).

Like I said, though, he’s doing it for his art, which as we all know, he’s totally into.

Franco recently completed work on The Broken Tower, a biopic about Hart Crane, the gay poet widely known for his alcoholism and suicide at age 32. (he wrote and directed it – check out the trailer here). And to stay true to Crane’s sexuality, Franco included a scene in which he performs a job of the mouth variety – a scene he totally stands behind of because it “achieve[s] its effect.

Judge by yourself: The Broken Tower is now available On Demand.


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