Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hollywood on Strike: The Sequel?

Ominous Reports are beginning to surface really, seriously warning of the worst: another possible strike, this time an actors strike.

“Talks between the Screen Actors Guild and the studios [are] at a stalemate,” says, “and unlikely to gain ground by the June 30 expiration of SAG’s current contract.”

Say it isn’t so.

No, really – say it isn’t so. I need my Pushing Daisies.


Update 1: Sandra Oh (TV’s Grey’s Anatomy) has gone to bat for SAG. Last week, James Cromwell (Babe) did the same for the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

And just like that, negotiations are heating up.

Hopefully tempers – and egos – will stay in check, though, and fairness – and my stories (I gotta have my stories) – will prevail.

Update 2: Tom Hanks is urging AFTRA members to ratify their proposed contract, adding that “if this contract doesn’t pass, it will set us back to a place from which we may not recover.” SAG is campaigning against ratification of the tentative AFTRA deal.

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