Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tentative Greatness

OMG – an unconfirmed set list of Madonna’s upcoming “Sticky & Sweet Tour” has leaked, and it looks like the Queen of Pop is thinking up one heck of a crowd-pleasing show.

And I love it.

M, of course, is going to perform several songs off Hard Candy, but it seems girlfriend wants to boogie-woogie to some classic tunes, including “*p** Y*** ****t,” “*o**e*l*n*,” “***ss *** U*,” “*ai*,” and even “*****ay,” which she wasn’t sure she could sing again – unless the price was right.

Remember – this is a tentative set list, and an unofficial one at that, too.

I heard and “Don’t Tell Me” and “Jump” also are possibilities, as well as “Forbidden Love” and “Nothing Fails.”

Note to self: Nov. 26 is around the frakkin’ corner. Tickets must be gotten.


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