Monday, November 12, 2012

Avoid Disasters While Vacationing in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, in Broward County in South Florida, is a fun place to vacation in. Thanks to its proximity to the Atlantic Coast, the pristine beaches, and the boats that horde the harbor of the city, Fort is also called the 'Venice of America'. Though the city is an outstanding holiday retreat, you will need to look into the following tips to stay safe in Fort and avoid disasters that ruin your vacation.
Though Fort Lauderdale is a safe city and the tourist areas including the beaches and the boulevards are particularly crime-free, you must still exercise caution. You are advised to stick to your group and never attempt to walk around on your own, especially at night. While in crowded places, you must see to it that you check your belongings from time to time. Incidents of pick pocketing are rare but they do happen. Hence, you are advised to be vigilant always.
The North East and South East parts of Fort Lauderdale are safe. However, when you visit the North West and South West parts of the city, you must make a note of the crime in the area. You are not advised to venture in the western suburbs at night, either solo or with your group. Areas like the Florida Turnpike, Andrews Avenue and the Broward Central are not good for tourist visits. Do not schedule any sightseeing trips to these places at all. You'd better stick to the beaches, downtown Fort in the East, and Las Olas for shopping.
There is a different kind of threat if you decide to explore Wilton Manors, a gay hangout, in the middle of the city. Straight tourists do not like the obvious passes and seduction that many gays are notorious for, in these parts. Thus, if you are straight and hugely moral, you'd be better away from the Wilton Manor locality in Fort Lauderdale.
Rental cars in Fort are popular places for thieves to loot. Thus, you will need to ensure that your rental cars are locked always, and that you never leave any valuables in the car. You are not to choose a rental without proper insurance papers, as stoppages on the road for paper verifications are common practices.

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