Monday, November 12, 2012

Did You Recently Receive a Ticket in Virginia for Reckless Driving or Speeding?

You may want to put that ticket in a safe place where you will not forget about it. Unlike most states, Virginia will not send you a reminder about your pending traffic ticket. The officer writes the time and date of your pending trial on the ticket at the time of your stop. The only thing you will receive from Virginia in the mail is a bill and the threat of your license being suspended if you fail to pay your fines that are owed to the court. By the time you receive this letter from Virginia, your court date will have already passed. At that point, you will have already been convicted of the offense. After you are convicted, you have extremely limited options on how to minimize the impact of the ticket.
If you receive a reckless driving or speeding ticket in Virginia do not wait until the last minute. A large number of people end up forgetting about their court date.
I hear horror stories all of the time from people whose insurance companies have increased their premiums by double or more because of a reckless driving or speeding conviction. They call and ask if there is anything they can do to get the conviction overturned. "If I had known that I would be paying such a high surcharge I definitely would have hired an attorney to represent me." The sad fact is that you have a very limited time period for appeals and motions after your court date has passed. If you do nothing now, your conviction will NOT be reversed later.
Reckless Driving is not just another speeding ticket. Reckless Driving is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, a Criminal Offense.
Ignoring your court date OR paying your fine can result in:
- 6 points on your driving record
- License Suspension
- Increased Insurance Premiums
- A Criminal Record / Failed Background checks
- Possible job losses now or in the future
- Up to 12 months in jail (driving 90+ mph)
- Fines up to $2,500 (driving 90+ mph)
Warning to CDL Drivers
A Reckless Driving conviction will cost you your job and ruin your career. Do not ignore this ticket. Contact us today to discuss your options 804-325-1697
Warning to Out-of-State Drivers
Virginia takes Reckless Driving very seriously. You could be charged with Reckless Driving for 17 different offenses. Were you charged with speeding over 80 mph? Driving 20 mph over the limit? Were you are involved in a single-car accident? All of these offenses ard Criminal charges in Virginia.

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