Monday, November 12, 2012

Ongoing Regulatory Mandatory Compliance Is Out of Control - Hurting Jobs and Small Businesses

We claim that we want jobs, more small businesses, more opportunity for minorities, but it's all a big façade, because if we really wanted that we wouldn't be doing what we are doing to small businesses, solo professionals, and the self-employed. We have too much regulatory oversight attempting to regulate morality, you can't, you cannot fight human nature. Still, we are making things worse in our schools with this politically correct pragmatic way of teaching, that "everything is negotiable" and there is no right answer, oh yah and at Harvard now you are allowed to cheat on the tests as we've heard in the media.
Now these, kids forgo their 3rd year law school tuition in trade for working for the government for 5-years, then they make all these regulations, even though they've never had a job or worked in the industry. Think I am kidding, I'm not, and worse after working for the government they conveniently take that revolving door and go work for the other side - probably after they realize all the damage they've done in government. Let me give you ONE example, but I could continue to for 45-hours straight after all I've seen in the private sector.
For instance, FINRA has a new 3-hour test that financial planners must take. No eating, bathroom breaks, and if you fail to pass one of the sections you lose your license. Further, the questions are purposefully tricky, double negatives, and ambiguous and it is hard to tell what the answer is. If you don't speak English well, you will not be able to pass the test. Then they treat you like crap at the testing center, which is not conveniently located as many people have to travel 100s of miles to get there.
Plus, you have to take a study course, pay for it, and pass, just to be able to take the test. Worst of all you have to take the damn thing every year, a different version with different questions and all the new regulations that Washington DC feels are needed to protect the so-called consumer investor. These are the same investors whose complaints are deemed to be faked or false 75% of the time by an actual government SEC study, as those investors simply made bad investments and tried to hang it on their advisors.
Now we have consumers and investors who are not responsible for their investments or choices. These rules and regulations are made by regulators who've never been in the field before due to Congressional instructions after bills that no one reads are passed and the test company lobbyists help write the bills sending in their own lawyers the day before the bill is presented to Congress for vote, but everyone just has to wait until the pass it to see what was in it. Do you doubt what I'm saying, well then I suggest you read this book:
"What Makes You Think We Read the Bills?" by Senator H.L. "Bill" Richardson, Caroline House Books, Chicago, IL, 1978, pages, ISBN: 0-916054-78-0.
Yes, this book was written in 1978 but realize the problem still exists, as I quoted above Nancy Pelosi's famous remarks the night before the Obama Care vote (Affordable Health Care Act). You know what we need, we need a "Red Magic Marker Committee" to line out about 2/3 of all the Federal, State, County, and City rules and regulations on small business which do nothing more than waste everyone's time and destroy business efficiency.
Next, we need a rule or law which states that if you make a new law you have to delete five old ones. And if you pass an omnibus bill, every Congressperson must sign that they personally read it, or a member of their staff did, along with which pages each person supposedly read; under penalty of perjury with enforcement and prison sentences for violations. Lastly, all Testing Companies or Regulatory Compliance Service Firms must register any and all campaign contributions to all decision makers and all committee meetings attended or correspondence to regulators in public rule making sessions.
Enough is a enough - let's take back Washington DC - They work for us, we don't work for them.

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