Monday, November 12, 2012

Learn The Cold Hard Facts Of Identity Theft Before It's Too Late

Purse snatchers, pick pockets, and bank robbers still pose a threat to the world. The few that try or even commit these crimes usually get caught because they are visible and the authorities can get descriptions and data. These criminals can run but they can't hide.
Technology and communication have produced the most dangerous and educated criminals in the history of society. The Phantoms of Identity Theft are invisible and growing stronger by the minute. Much like roaches they crawl through the nook and crannies of lives waiting patiently for victims to turn out the lights granting them the freedom to crawl.
It can happen to you or a member of your family within the blink of an eye. Phantoms of identity theft are thieves without borders.The stakes are high. Rolling the dice of life without knowledge of identity protection can destroy and strip people naked and chain them to poverty. Sadly the Phantoms usually keep the key and never unlock the chains.
Nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance. Careless habits with no thought of present moment awareness can lead to disaster. Habits are part of the footprints people leave in their path as they walk the journey of life especially when a roadmap or destination is not planned. Risky behavior on this journey can turn into a battle and even a deadly war.
What you don't know can and will hurt you! Few people are teaching the consequences and protection about identity theft. Society and authorities have placed the fastest growing crime in the world on the back burner.
Every day millions of people fall victim to the unscrupulous deliberate acts of the faceless Phantoms that lurk in every possible corner of the world. No one is safe, young or old, poor or wealthy, especially the children and the dead.
The time to wake up is now. The roses people plant today produce razor edged thorns bringing blood with the prick of a finger. The Phantoms use these thorns and begin with just a prick of a finger until they draw blood then they cut off the hand. These are criminals with no conscience who laugh and party after destroying lives.
Phantoms lure their prey and strike at will. But it is too late for victims who have neglected to become aware and get the education for prevention. These evil criminal minds steal social security checks, invade Medicare, children's college funds, retirement investments, or money in visible accounts such as checking or savings, and even medical records.
If the Phantoms of identity theft have a virtue, it is patience. They wait with intent. They set goals with intent. They calculate with intent. And never forget, their intent is to destroy lives.
The it will never happen to me mentality is much like a small rabbit eating grass in a meadow while the birds of prey are circling overhead. Beware of The Phantoms of prey. Yes you could be the next target.

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