Friday, November 9, 2012

When the World Goes to Z

We’re used to seeing zombies move real slow on screen – The Walking Dead, I’m looking at you.

And that’s fine and dandy and very much a threat when you have a pack of zombies coming at ya.

But when Brad Pitt’s World War Z (finally) comes out next June, the mofos are gonna move fast, and the world is gonna shoot to s--- quite quickly. Check out the long-anticipated movies trailer, yo:

World War Z was directed, painstakingly, by Marc Forster. It is based on Max Brooks’ cult 2006 novel. And in it, Pitt plays a UN researcher witnessing a fast-moving pandemic and fighting to keep his family and what little is left of civilization alive and safe.

Let’s hope this is a hit because the movie is meant to be the beginning of a trilogy.

And I hate it when expectations aren’t met and we're left wanting more in the bad way. I’m looking at ya, powers that be behind The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

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